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Committee For the Reyers Viaduct

Bock from their summer break, some residents of the Reyers district discovered that Minister Smet had taken advantage of the holiday period to obtain the hasty demolition of the Reyers Viaduct, without even having studied a replacement and its impact.

Aware of the damage it would cause, not only to their district but also to the Brussels mobility and economy, their gathered in a committee in view of obtaining the reopening of the viaduct until a credible alternative and its impact has been thoroughly studied.

After inquiring, they discovered that many facts that the minister had "forgotten" to mention, including: the demolition would entail huge costs, cause continuous traffic jams and losses of paking spaces, while not enabling any more than today the implementation of bike lanes and green areas. More info...

Demolishing the Reyers Viaduct without credible replacement would not only be a nuisance to everybody, it would also entail a huge waste of public money!

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Alain Mahiat
Bd Auguste Reyers, 159
1300 Schaerbeek
Tel: 02 732 4235
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