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Our petition For the Reyers Viaduct

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NO to the hasty demolition of the Reyers Viaduct

NO to the hasty demolition of the Reyers Viaduct

Taking advantage of the summer holiday, some seek to demolish the Reyers Viaduct, alleging that its repair would cost 4 million euros instead of the 2 millions originally planned.

Contrary to what they pretend, this would be a catastrophe for the Reyers neighbourhood. The 30.000 vehicles crossing the viaduct every day without need of traffic lights would then have to be redirected towards the Reyers-Roodebeeek-Diamant-Cerisiers intersection, which is now already saturated.

This would result in endless traffic jams, inhibiting the access to our neighbourhood, in increased air pollution, and more noise than with the current viaduct. Our district, which already lacks of parking facilities, would then be deprived of the dozens of parking places present under the viaduct, forcing local shop owners to flee. Construction works would take years, during which our district would be barely liveable. And as on other heavy traffic roads (such as the General Jacques Boulevard), the real estate value would collapse.

What they failed to mention us is that:

  • The demolition of the viaduct and the preliminary reconstruction of the intersection are estimated at 21 million euros, which would be five times more than the repair! How can such an expense be justified?
  • Because of the E40 tunnels, installing a dedicated bike lane would be no easier than now.
  • The pre-metro elevator currently being constructed under the viaduct would have to be moved - a waste of public money!
  • The 58 parking places under the viaduct (including 25 reserved for disabled, Cambio and others) would be lost.
  • The Villo-stop, recently created at a high cost, would have to be moved, further reducing the number of parking places.
  • A final reconstruction plan would have to be studied; once approved, construction works would be restarted, causing new inconveniences and millions of euros of additional expenses. Wouldn’t this haste be unreasonable?
  • Finally, thousands of drivers will find shortcuts through the neighbouring districts, hampering their peacefulness.

The Reyers Viaduct concerns ALL OF US: Reyers residents, their neighbours, and Brussels in general. 
Brussels mobility should not be decided in haste.
Prior to any decision, alternative solutions should be thoroughly studied, together with their cost and impact on the Reyers district and on Brussels mobility; and a popular consultation or a referendum should be organised.

This may take years. In the meantime:

The Reyers viaduct is a lesser evil: 
we demand that it be repaired as soon as possible!

NO to the hasty demolition of the Reyers Viaduct


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